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Event Overview
This autumn the north end of Andrejsala saw the arrival of a new addition to its flora as a spruce was planted by the current European Commissioner for development Andris Piebalgs opposite the office building in 6, Andrejostas Street, next to the entrance into the City Yacht Club.

(November 26, 2008)

At the end of 2008, Andrejsala offers its concluding show of the year, which this time is an exhibition of conceptual documentary photographs by Ivars Grāvlejs. Its title 'FAMU' refers to Prague's Academy of Performing Arts, where Ivars studied starting in the year 2000 and graduating from it with an MA in 2007. We met up with Ivars early on the day of the 90th anniversary of the Latvian independence in Andrejsala where he was putting together his upcoming exhibition.


On July 18, the arts section of the 'Diena' daily 'Kultūras Diena' printed an interview with Artūrs Punte and Sergejs Timofejevs, two popular members of the 'Orbīta' group of authors and artists. They talked to journalist Viestarts Gailītis about the anthology of Latvia-based Russians' poetry that was created at 'Orbīta's' headquarters in Andrejsala and also discussed a variety of broader literary phenomena and cultural trends. Andrejsala's Power Shop building, since its change of tenants in the summer of 2006, is known as the operating base of 'Orbīta' and as the venue of a number of successful arts events that have attracted both Latvians and members of other ethnic groups.

(04.02.2008.) interviews Diāna Čivle, the director of Rīga City Council's Department of Culture, one of the most committed supporters of Andrejsala's arts activity.

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