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Andrejsala's north part is situated near the Daugava and the Eksportosta harbour. It is also the site of three heritage-grade structures: the decommissioned thermal power station, the Krasta railway station's building and the old grain elevator. Further, there is Andrejsala's only residential building and several other buildings located in the area, including the offices of the property developer SIA 'Jaunrīgas attīstības uzņēmums'.

In the middle part of Andrejsala, construction has always been somewhat sparser than in the south part. It has resulted in the following main components: the Big Square, the Rīga port silo, the Anchor building at 17 Andrejostas Street, a smaller building formerly used by the railway company and several hangars.

Some time ago Andrejsala's south part was the site of a shipyard, which explains the surviving names of the buildings and other structures. Since 2006, the purpose and, in some cases, the appearance of the buildings has changed drastically: it was the year when the arts and cultural activist organisations became tenants of Andrejsala (for more details, see 'Andrejsalites').

General map of Andrejsala
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