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Detailed planning
The detailed development plan for Andrejsala and the binding regulations of land use and construction in Andrejsala came into force on April 16, 2009 following the approval of the final version of the Andrejsala detailed plan by the Rīga City Council (decision No. 4889) on March 31, 2009. The City Council also issued the binding regulations No. 161 (Binding Regulations for Use of and Construction in Andrejsala Territory) and defined a moratorium on construction in the south end of Andrejsala. The approval of the detailed plan by the City Council was a necessary precondition for commencing new construction in Andrejsala. We have compiled here the key facts regarding the progress and the elaboration process of the detailed plan.

The detailed plan enables the practical enactment of the Andrejsala development project which covers 36 hectares (~89 acres) of land with a projected total floor area of 700 square metres (~837 square yards). The detailed plan covers a total area of 48.5 ha (~120 acres) comprising land, a band of Rīga freeport’s aquatorium and a section of Eksporta Street. The detailed plan defines the rules and principles for construction in Andrejsala.

The detailed plan of Andrejsala detailed plan was commissioned by SIA Jaunrīgas attīstības uzņēmums and developed by SIA Grupa 93, a project management and planning consultation company, in cooperation with the SIA Forma architecture firm.

While our website offers a complete list of digital copies of the documents related to the Andrejsala detailed plan, the full set of original documents is kept at the City Development Department of the Rīga City Council in Rīga, Amatu Street 4.

The Andrejsala detailed plan remained a subject of extensive debate throughout its development stages and public discussions. A number of experts specialising in different areas have expressed their views on some of the solutions proposed in the initial concept and later versions of the detailed plan. Here we have collected an overview of what the more prominent urban planning experts and architects had to say about the Andrejsala detailed plan.

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