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Detailed planning
Documents of the Detailed Plan

While our website offers a complete list of digital copies of the documents related to the Andrejsala detailed plan, the full set of original documents is kept at the City Development Department of the Rīga City Council in Rīga, Amatu Street 4. The experts at SIA Jaunrīgas attīstības uzņēmums, the real estate developers in Andrejsala, will be happy to provide answers to your questions about the implementation of the detailed plan and further development intents (e-mail).


The Andrejsala detailed plan is a set of documents comprising:

·         the binding part (regulations and 17 graphic appendices),

·         explicative part (explanatory note),

·         graphic part (26 plans, maps and schemes),

·         appendices,

·         progress overview on the elaboration of the detailed plan.


The list below contains links to digital copies of the original documents in Latvian. English translations of the map and scheme legends are available on request.





1st to 7th appendix

Appendix 1: The geologic profile of Andrejsala

Appendix 2: Greenery to be evaluated / The appraisable greenery

Appendix 3: The landscape concept

Appendix 4: The social infrastructure

Appendix 5: The survey of quays

Appendix 6: The monitoring results of ground waters

Appendix 7: The assessment of buildings

Appendix 8: The proposal for spatial composition and visual impact assessment

Appendix 9: The survey of transport flow for Andrejsala and its vicinity

Appendix 10: The water supply and sewage

Appendix 11: The conceptual scheme of heat supply

Appendix 12: The study of the Hanza crossing alternatives



Progress overview on the elaboration of the detailed plan

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